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Her cheeks were flushed and the way she was gritting her teeth only made the sensual curve of her lips that much more seductive to him. Her ponytail came loose, one strand falling across her eye. Jack would have swept it away but he was not ready to let go of her just yet. His eyes followed the path of her hair. The strands were like dark vines leading the way to a luscious and exotic plant. The vines traced the outline of her shoulders. He let his eyes wander down that garden path to the place where the vines ended, at the tip of her breast where he imagined her nipples growing hard at the touch of his fingers and his tongue. Her chest was rising and falling in rapid and deep succession. Each breath tugged harder at the buttons of her shirt. With her arms held back the way he had them, the material between the buttons pulled wide and revealed her skin underneath. Her shirt was pulled up so that he could see the graceful slope of her abdomen down from her rib cage and her navel positioned just above the buckle of her shorts. He looked just below that buckle and felt his penis move to just the spot where her vagina would be.

She felt her body go hot. That only made her more furious. He knew full well that she could see where he was looking and still he didn’t take his eyes off the area between her legs. She felt her body tremble beneath the weight of him. She tried to break loose in an effort to hide it but he held her fast. She could feel the hardness of his thighs as they gripped her hips. See the muscles surging in his biceps and arms as he held her down. Feel the heat radiating from his flesh, his shirt, hanging limp from sweat.

Finally, he let his eyes travel back up the vine and settle on her eyes. “Perhaps I ought to spank you,” he suggested with a smile that told her all too well the pleasure he would take from such an activity. Her hands were in tight fists and if he would just loosen the grip of one of her elbows, she swore to herself she would smack that grin off his face. “I suppose you’d like that wouldn’t you?” he said.

She could kill him.

“I saw the way you were presenting that lovely behind of yours to me. You’re just asking for it.”

Her eyes grew wide. How had she ever thought there was anything even remotely sweet about this barbarian? “If you don’t let go of me right now, I’m going to scream.”

“Go ahead.”

She opened her mouth but all that came out was a muffled cry. He thrust his lips upon hers. Slowly and softly his tongue entered her mouth. She bit it firmly but not too hard and then after a hesitation, more gently. He pushed it in deeper just as his body pushed forcefully into hers. He felt her body give way, her hands open and her arms soften under his grip. He released his hold on her arms and she reached up holding him about his waist. His hands were tangled in her hair and he had her lower lip between his teeth as she pulled him deeper into her body. She could feel his penis bulging hard into her pelvis. Finally he pulled away to look into her eyes.

“You recover quite nicely,” she said.

“Are you referring to my manhood, Ms. Bennington?”

She smiled. “So is that what you consider payback?”

He put one finger beneath her chin and traced a straight line down her throat to the neckline of her shirt. He let his finger slip beneath the material at each button and then pulled it back out until he reached the end of her shirt and let his finger trace one long slow line to her navel. She shuddered. Without taking his eyes off of hers he gripped the buckle of her shorts. “Your payback is just beginning,” he said, as he pulled her toward him and placed his mouth on her neck.

[The End…of the chapter, that is…]