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Okay, I fell off the planet for a while. What could possibly catapult me back? Why Wimbledon, of course!

There’s been so much brouhaha about the rankings in the men’s field, given Nadal was ranked #5. So I thought why not rank these guys as romance heroes? What romantic hero is Federer’s alter ego? Djokovic’s? Murray’s?ekWxvuoomOUIUAd6idjHHBEXq5HktUzDvbisyAPmvSDwqSLhItvt6h9IrRxXNsugZasz=s131

Nadal may already be out (shocker!) in the first round, but that doesn’t mean he’s down for the count as far as romance heroes go (and I’m sure many of you ladies would agree).

Over the remaining days of Wimbledon, we’ll count down the top ten (as they’re seeded at Wimbledon), and see just who are the romance hero doppelgangers for these players.