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This 27-year-old Frenchman burst onto the tennis scene with great fanfare as a junior. More explosive, stylish and fluid than Djokovic and Murray, he has the flair and shot making ability to play an all-round complete game.

Wildly touted as possessing the most glorious backhand in the business, he can be as beautiful to watch as Federer in full flight and is considered by some to be even more innately talented than the Swiss Maestro.images-8

And yet for all this, Gasquet has failed to meet expectations, becoming perhaps the greatest underachiever ever in the game; the most talented player never to harness his talent.images-16

At times, he seems inhibited, playing too passive to let loose the greatness he holds in his racket.

Perhaps then it is no surprise that he is a Gemini. Even he admits to having a split personality, claiming he’s an extrovert when he’s amongst his friends in Paris YoL4Y3nQpMS1RR0M5AGqhCYawXR6Z5CFuWVYjWbUeUm6eWytNRIPabIxQyusIlhG_dpsoXQ=s113

yet often exhibiting a rather shy and uncomfortable player when on the big stage.images-3 10.55.02 AM

And so the result is a rather strange hybrid when it comes to his romantic doppelganger.

In part, he is Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Hardly the hero, but doesn’t he look the part?images-1 10.34.51 PMimages-6

The guy most likely to finish second (but then perhaps all men finish second to the one and only Darcy).

Like Bingley who allows Darcy to decide his fate when it comes to Jane, Gasquet often sits back, letting play be dictated to him, rather than dictating it himself; playing too defensive, standing too far back on the court, allowing himself to be pushed around.

But given his talent, he has it in him to be the romantic hero Bingley could never hope to be.

Often we see a player plagued by doubt, mentally fragile at times, with a moody temperament.images-7images-4 10.55.02 AM

Enter the archetype of the tortured romantic hero whose all-consuming passions destroy himself (not to mention everyone around him). He is a rare character, both hero and villain, his own worst enemy, often engaging in behavior that defies reason. That would be Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.YKXY87yBZaseBdX1QytDbg8Jd0n0ofIbQBg9cYg3ZKIiR2xU0DhJOUY5Pll5zKK9l3_5=s113

Heathcliff defies explanation, and so too does Gasquet. He looks like a romantic hero, dangerous and brooding, and in need of reform. But it would seem no lady can reform this rake (and rake seems much too playful and lighthearted a term when it comes to this dark soul).iz94lZVNB2DI5HCJdejW6GqoOJ1kcV5mSwem7ozn__bAE8gpbqzGknFSRcbIu87HEpDY=s142

Heathcliff never really emerges victorious; and serves as his own undoing.

Now that Gasquet is back into the top 10 for the first time since 2007, and he’s entered the 3rd round of Wimbledon, the question is, can he put aside his doubts and self-defeating ways and unleash the greatness in his racket?

Can this Heathcliff emerge victorious?imagesimages-1

Perhaps it depends on which Gasquet shows up and whether he can use those all-consuming passions to destroy his opponent rather than himself.images-2BBH7YY1UqpNNKggGig0b4ErmiS_SE9DBCuOwm4Vk7O6p83Iyx4YyVQHYh43KcayW8pULxw=s85