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Juan Martin Del Potro inspires a lot of love.

Unless perhaps you’re standing on the other side of the net when the 24-year-old Argentinian serves a ball moving at 147 mph.O6w5eT-nU_MxQw9BGwJvB9bv80PsQBHgmzXyH-c6zELH_NA48-Er6YCUf72Kkox3k6eUXA=s136

This Gentle Giant speaks softly and carries a big racket. Standing at 6’6” he serves from such a lofty height, the ball strikes the court like a thunderbolt and flies with lightening speed.

It doesn’t get any bigger than Del Potro. He’s got big groundstrokes, a big wingspan, a big serve…imagesJbqH0hsk1IY9HwBq-7149TU7D4TRrgK2NoYpwdNxytIHCmeApTMgGrLLa5zhirm12dao=s124


…and an even bigger heart.

During a Davis cup match, when a butterfly hovered over his racket, just as he was about to serve, he watched it quietly. When it landed he raised the butterfly up to his lips and softly kissed it.d0Sfzd0F0BDbmR9ZjInJdUUKp8vvB03TFVv_gq8XOPDg3crddZEwT09_TnowOr4iqAEL5g=s114


And as the butterfly continued to flit and flutter around him, he slowly and gently carried it with his racket over to the side.eefc43c58be7ecb197e3b317134383f7-getty-51015807545130fe9a1c8dfe73bdb0c0d0f935fe5-getty-510158065


A man this chivalrous would have to be a Knight, or at least… knightly…

…as in George Knightley from Jane Austen’s Emma.4PFqSWrziuzvgQAOMTNIDE9Zf_9hN4PiYbGFz-utww6te3WYz8KFSwi6RRu11u63lexPgzY=s104

Kind, considerate, and compassionate, Mr. Knightley is a true gentleman—honorable and courteous to all ladies. The fact that he is attentive and solicitous to the unfortunate Miss Bates and Harriet Smith shows that he is not just kind to those ladies with money and breeding.

He scolds Emma when she thoughtlessly insults Miss Bates, and he comes to Harriet Smith’s rescue asking her to dance after she’s been snubbed even though he is no fan of dancing.mwMsF8U5vItbM4yqO9aMFeIG_2RE5WIJQMZl1MSVk9x4rd2zBzDVdIIzt-fqt1c2S02PQH8=s145

He is honest and mindful, never saying or doing anything he hasn’t thought through first.images-1


“I cannot make speeches, Emma . . . If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”images

Austen described Knightley as a man who has “nothing of ceremony about him.” And neither does Del Potro. His manner and his game are as pure as his heart.

He is the only player outside the Fab Four (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) to have won a Grand Slam title since 2005.


Who says nice guys finish last?aXNGmf5riWZyRR5KvIOWgYWkeSm80FcM9vDiY7A5ClgvJ1cbFdeJANTtKKGJ_OyhN4m4ZRA=s154e005U0dq8o_LalVNb5oxeh1AsfIHKRFSXOktqpEm8q7xlX7XycEQndN4TCf6kBEBDL7N1g=s136