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I know what you’re thinking, What happened to #5 Nadal? Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten him. Who could forget Rafa? (Certainly not me) But the remaining five seeds will not go down in straightforward order as #6 thru #10 did.

We’ll begin with the player seeded 4th — David Ferrer.David Ferrer

This 31-year-old Spaniard lives in Valencia Spain and as of July of 2013 (that’s right, as of NOW) he’s become the #3 player in the world (according to the ATP rankings).

Ferrer is known as a clay-court specialist. But he has had success on grass and hard courts as well. He’s reached the semi-finals of the Australian and US Open twice each, and he’ll be playing in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon tomorrow for the second consecutive year against Del Potro (or as he is better known here, Our Mr. Knightley).

Ferrer is not as tall as the other players (he’s only 5’9″). His groundstrokes aren’t as powerful as some of the other players. But they are consistent. cmEBIJySXPoaJ4y8tjzn0MF51d240413jNNhSom3hhuDWyztPbcfkqNV8ASD_N5iKWmC=s113

He is about as quick as it comes at chasing down that ball and has been referred to as one of the best returners in the game. This guy will take whatever his opponent throws at him.images-5 9.49.24 AM

Tenacious is the word that best describes Ferrer. It took 42 major tournaments for him to reach a Grand Slam Final. I’m referring here to The 2013 French Open Final he played against Nadal in June. He lost to arguably the greatest clay-court player ever. Nadal set a record that day, winning 8 championships at one Grand Slam event.

But there was another record set that day. No man who has ever played in a Grand Slam final has had to wait longer than Ferrer for it to happen.

If you were to look up “dogged determination” in the dictionary, you would find David Ferrer.TH2EFyOSKt6bHzvprKls2At58mqZGWKRl_rNwQkxvQP-JE121uw680I1uCu8sR3sB0Ru=s136

And no romantic hero has more dogged determination than Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility.6cTLD54CVk7NfQITUXtP5AeCAz38djR4ffPCN8rvYQh06Xg7cRkTzSgqL7xoQUVuTqnNnQ=s85

Brandon is reserved and reticent. He might even seem immovable, but the fact that he appreciates Marianne’s music as he does shows that he is a sensitive soul despite his remoteness. He epitomizes the strong silent type whose waters run very deep.UEsdSi6BVhZXQ1RfljR_1gMhpooFb74txphBLk0c7MyDPFZ6_nLWNSAXO3_rh3GODlsF=s113

Brandon falls in love with Marianne, but she has set her cap on Willoughby, a much more dashing fellow.lhs0LBHjnkpUKbh3OIoQvGTWM2n7VFpK5e6Y2yDCPCxqmLbKwyP5O6PXoE_ApjRwJ3Zc=s138images 11.09.34 AM

Brandon doesn’t have the flamboyance of Willoughby and by comparison might seem dull. Marianne certainly sees him that way in the beginning.

But Colonel Brandon is a romantic. He has traveled to the East Indies, where as he says, “the air is full of spices.” He is an army officer, which makes him a man looking to slay dragons and rescue fair maidens.images-6 9.53.11 AM

He is a man of honor with an impeccable reputation who has had more to contend with than the likes of a man like Willoughby. He has suffered a great loss in his past, which he feels deeply. And he has withstood that loss in admirable fashion.

This is Ferrer all right. He has had to withstand many losses at the hands of the Fab Four. He has done so graciously and is still standing. While Federer and Nadal are out of Wimbledon, Ferrer is still here.

Colonel Brandon waits a long time to win his lady Marianne. But win her, he does.uA78KOAtoGuoJbkhGhYRYTcnHMV-T1asAx6k3Bg89V7anx9jtpihT5A8sOSq7xBVM6zTKg=s139images-1

Whether or not Ferrer comes away from Wimby with his first Grand Slam, he’s already come away with a win. Tomorrow’s quarterfinal match will be his 7th consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinal. It’s hard to imagine tennis without him. As Colonel Brandon says to Marianne’s sister Elinor, when Marianne is near death, “Give me an occupation Miss Dashwood or I shall run mad.”