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Jimmy Connors said it best, “…you’re either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, a hard court specialist…or you’re Roger Federer.”hpDZ05UhT10ZOhzlJpptUDYGsGoztD9QdCq_eZ0qjeLB9mPXa7c4Ap7zoGYADkNDngi9=s120

When it comes to the complete game, no one can touch Roger. He possesses all those things that make for a great tennis player: athleticism, balance, hand-eye coordination, footwork, serve, return of serve, forehand, backhand (and the list goes on…)images-21imagesimages-27

He has the ability to dictate play. He is so versatile in his shot-making ability that he can change the pace and momentum of a game in the blink of an eye.imagessG77qoS4OHr87d_teJx9wlc8DCWuc07745f27kZp7hjMokquO2gSasSH-OQW42sxDEGobw=s115

What’s more he has the uncanny ability to disguise his serve and the direction of his shots to outwit his opponent.images-6i51s0aI7NXn0nJdlbBKk_Q0c7VoRtavB-wThMSuAbIX1vPJFO_CBGcZEm56DxrzTzSdP=s85

And to all this, we can add qualities which seem unique to him. His fluid strokes, his ability to carve the court like a chessboard, constructing points three shots ahead of his opponent, and his seamless transitions from defense to offense.images-10

He executes with a clear, confident calm. And he makes it all look effortless. images-281O4Czla2RvV4jWO9gb5-lGUVrZy7BuoREQps2xcYHE7q8FjeP41x-1cQAFzTGPvreXujNg=s124

You will never find a photo of him going for a shot in which he looks awkward, or appears to be straining or pushing. Frame for frame he is poetry in motion.Roger Federerimages-3images-11

He is the archetype of the ideal tennis player. And he has the record to prove it.cropped-header

Federer has the most Grand Slams of any player (17). And as for appearances in Grand Slams…He has appeared in the most finals (24), in the most semifinals (33), and in 40 quarterfinals, (second only to Connor’s 41).

He is one of seven men to win all four majors.images-11RGyqbC1ZPg6yPSb_pYjQ0oeY1pKeGRDYbYUEnY69mndbTijgPYlT_kl5mYNW1t_eVDlm=s989a9p8CaTadrGedQwegSbZ65sUEV0LBmAYb36adDWKzs65_fGq559K8qC7E9GPQoZlAJ14g=s121u_D0nPJvdOwiUkTFJPwUwedRO1YsmCUDM6dYGzJBgTSA4CjoaDH1_qYUuSaBK3qLqDfw=s129

And the only man to have reached the final of each Grand Slam tournament at least five times. He has spent more weeks (302) at #1 than any other player.5NBqOP4M4zzb3qG-ZLmZamChXQtK1NJE5IYcSUeHu_4od6DizaiflWEPxYaXXWPgEU3MSg=s85

He makes all those around him suffer by comparison.

He is elegant, well-dressed, well-educated, and well-mannered. A true gentleman.images-14images-15

Sometimes his confident manner can make him seem diffident and arrogant. images-1images-2

To the manor born, he is…

The quintessential tennis player…220px-Roger_Federer_(26_June_2009,_Wimbledon)_2_newimages-9images-10images-6

…..the quintessential romance hero.

The one…the only…Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.Roger Federer1images-11QbT28E0TFLJ1C-nlMIQ-V1TjAxiXMndTKdjU_NDwkaxfm3XJN8KKvIIBsZb2T5wMGRXf5Q=s145

But while Darcy might seem cool and aloof to strangers, those who know him well, know him to be warm, sincere, and generous.images-4images-13

He also has a playful side to him.A08Ps7Xvai1WfDAcTvDe4rHmSdftpE71uYiLv-IHF78up4TQUuxfd1LAwn2kTYx0idQeAr4=s86Cta9VcnBLQdXn2m-MzwY3sqy601R6AiEE2Aj_mUrX-NQds_xl5SrJK_PP6DliMoeESfdVPE=s85

He welcomes the verbal sparring and witty wordplay between himself and Elizabeth.images-3

She is a worthy opponent, and he admires her for that.images

He is a man that can be depended upon in a crisis. He keeps his wits about him, remains calm and goes quietly about doing what needs to be done. When Elizabeth Bennett’s sister, Lydia goes missing, Darcy takes care of business. Without a word to anyone, he goes to London and finds her.images-59Gdae3ec-vApo2oSMCZDjSIZ-ObNu7emitEHhPLt1NeLZuoYjFq1NUe5bsawfRkJxQppvxc=s152

When we are first introduced to Darcy, Austen tells us he “soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien.” But his manner does nothing to recommend him to Elizabeth or any of the people in Meryton because as Austen writes, “he was discovered to be proud, to be above his company.”images-6images-5

But then Darcy and Roger have good reason to be proud.Roger

When Lizzie suggests Darcy is proud and vain, he is quick to point out the difference. “Yes, vanity is a weakness indeed. But pride — where there is a real superiority of mind, pride will be always under good regulation.”